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Welcome to Termo Yalıtım

About Us

Termo Yalıtım Ltd. has began its establishment to produce insulation products in mid 1995. The firm has  completed the procurement of production machinery by the end of the same year and began production at Ankara. The firm has doubled its capacity has added a wide array of...

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PE Foam Insulating

It is used for the purpose of heat and sound insulation of the studio and similar places in the building (between walls, under cement finish and parquet). In addition, it is a suitable insulator for insulating the pipe, boiler and similar parts, which are in diameter and dimension...

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PE Foam Joint Filler

It is used as under mastic filler material in the joint and construction joints, as filler and sealing material in the jointing sections of the windows and doors of the buildings. Joint filler cord having 30 % more diameters from length is squeezed in the joint and mastic or...

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PE Foam Insulation Pipe

It is used for reducing the heat loss gain in hot or cold lines. It is produced in the sizes indicated in the following table in accordance with the standard pipe diameters, and if the customer does not have different demand, it is produced in length of 2...

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